About Us

Véronique Verreault, founder of Miss VV's Mystery, is a modern-day entrepreneur on a mission to enhance the lives of women and couples across the globe. With a background in management and a strong interest in women's health, Véronique sought to bring her knowledge and creativity together in a way that would forever change the way women strengthen their pelvic floor.

After years of meeting with engineers, industrial designers, sexologists, mobile app developers and many more, Miss VV launched Miss On the Go, a revolutionary combination of vibrator and Kegel exercise device for women that's controlled through a mobile app, either by the woman, their partner, or a mystery partner via the social networking feature.

Much like its founder, Miss On the Go does it all! It strengthens women's pelvic muscles, offers a sensational experience and spices up any relationship.

A healthy sex life inspires self-confidence...and confidence is sexy.