Let’s Talk About Sex, Cyndi!

Meet our official Sex Therapist : Cyndi Darnell!

Cyndi Darnell and Miss VV met at the SexTech Hackathon in NYC. Benefits of sexual health, women empowerment, think big, independence and of course, Confidence is Sexy, are just some of the shared passions between Cyndi and Miss VV. You can imagine the discussions and the energy between them! Miss VV asked Cyndi right away: "would you be interested in helping me educate my community in terms of positive Sex Education?" Abracadabra a team was formed!

The whole purpose of Miss VV’s Mystery is to help you with your sexual life and self-confidence through sexual fulfillment and education. Life is about our relationships. To ourselves and to others. Personal, professional and intimate, our relationships are the foundation of our lives. Without the skills and tools to manage ourselves and our relationships, our connections feel empty and meaningless. Cyndi is passionate about helping people develop the skills they need to create rich, meaningful connections.

Originally from Australia, Cyndi brings over 15 years of experience, knowledge and passion to her world-class practice – uniquely tailored to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. She is recognized for her gentle, affirming yet no B.S. approach that makes clients feel safe, secure and understood. Nothing is too much or off-limits.

Cyndi holds 5 degrees, including 2 Master’s degrees from Australia’s most prestigious, accredited universities. Cyndi also has over 10,000 clinical hours, supervised therapeutic experience navigating the rich terrain of modern sexuality, ecstatic pleasures and rewarding relationships.

Whenever you’re ready to start therapy, have coaching or get mentoring, Cyndi Darnell is your Woman!

Stay tuned for our Let's Talk About Sex videos and learn more from us!