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Here are some articles and interviews featuring
Miss On the GoTM!

'Miss VV's Mystery challenged the crowd to apply tech to change the conversation around sex and confidence.'
Huffington Post
'A variety of options!'
Coup de Pouce
'You have to trust yourself, surround yourself with positive people and forgive yourself when you make mistakes.'
'I have a feeling this is going to be the next big thing in sex toys and Kegel exercices!'
'SexTech Hackaton in NYC-2018'
'The choices that personalize Miss On the Go are more than play options; they’re windows to sexual desires that guide women to fearlessly seek what they want.'
Future of Sex
'The New ‘Fitbit’ for Sex?'
Radio-Canada La Sphère
'Sexuality recovery through technology'
Oh la la
'What this gadget has to offer far exceeds the usual features of a sex toy'
'About to revolutionize the industry'

Blog Reviews

Venus O'Hara
'I can get my followers to control it for me – the app is very intuitive and that’s not been the case with all the sex toys I tried'
Slutty Girl Problems
'I didn’t expect much from something so tiny, but I was thoroughly impressed'
Future of Sex
'Miss On the Go is a rather awesome little vibrating device'
Kayla Lords
'A very pleasant feeling!'
DV Passion-Miss On the Go
'Once my vagina adjusted to the sensation it FELT GREAT!!!'
'Miss VV aimed for high-quality and didn’t want to release a substandard product, which I applaud.'
Miss Jezebella
'The battery life is fantastic and the material is really high end silicone. The MOTG transforms from a way to encourage Kegel exercise to a fun interactive sex toy!'
Dirty Milf Next Door Review
'It’s a sex toy, it’s a Kegel exercise sex toy, it’s a sex toy that I can play with my husband with, it’s a sex toy that I can play with other people with. OH MY GOODNESS!!!'

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